Your performance is relative and specific to you. Compeat Nutrition have teamed-up with ICE to offer you an exclusive offer to unlock High Performance in your day.


Compeat has been embraced by high performing organisations and individuals around the world as their go-to nutritional and wellbeing solution. These learnings flow through to you. You got to where you are by doing the things that no-one else was prepared to so, Are you ready to take that next step.


World Class support used by High Performing Athletes

At Compeat performance is relative. Whether peaking for a stage tour or looking for a personal best, we apply the same support and technology to make your goals possible.


Specific to your needs

At Compeat your goals are our goals. We develop a solution that is tailored to match not just your needs but your day to day environment to ensure you are set up for success.


The winning formula

We use the same formula designed to support our elite athletes, business leaders and crew members from all around the world to provide the support that gets results.


Personalised Coaching

Compeat provides the tools, knowledge and resources through your personal dashboard to make the nutrition in your day-to-day easy and convenient. Working one-on-one with our performance team to ensure you have everything you need to achieve your goals.

"You can have all the natural ability in the world, but if you’re not fuelling your engine you’re never going to get anywhere"

Declan Irvine Professional Cyclist - Team Novo Nordisk

What you'll get
  • Personalised Nutrition Program
  • Weekly Itemised Shopping List
  • Specialised support from an Accredited Sports Dietitian
  • Individual Nutrition Analysis
  • An arsenal of support tools that adapt as you progress
  • Hundreds of delicious recipes
  • Video library
  • Goal tracking
  • Exclusive membership to Compeat Crew
  • Curated Learning Path
# May be claimable via your private healthcare provider.

Get started with High Performance

One-to-one personalised support and coaching

$69 Per week / Billed Quarterly

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